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Meet The Team

Against All Odds Empowerment Center began in February of 2013, when Stephanie Williams decided to put her dream of helping young mothers in motion. She wanted to help young mothers feel empowered and use her own story to inspire them. Stephanie grew up the eldest child of a Harvard graduate and a Senior Pastor. The expectations her parents set were high. As all teen-agers do, Stephanie made choices that impacted her future which resulted in finding herself pregnant and alone at the age of 15.

Excommunicated from her family, Stephanie was fortunate to find a loving home that welcomed her with open arms and provided her with a stable support system. Through their generosity Stephanie was able to complete her high school education and continue on to college and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Today, Stephanie continues her passion to empower others by working for a Fortune 500 company and a small business owner. Her daughter is a graduate of Hampton University and a proud member of the United States Coast Guard. Stephanie is married, raising her youngest daughter and enjoying life in South Carolina. At the age of 15, pregnant and alone, Stephanie couldn’t have imagined that her journey would take her down this successful and rewarding path.

Unfortunately, many young mothers don’t have the same experience. Stephanie realized that with the right support, young women could recover from their past decisions and go on to “Make the Impossible …Possible”. Since 2013, Against All Odds Empowerment Center has provided pregnancy prevention and intervention to young mothers by teaching valuable life skills through the creation of new experiences and various programs.


Founder/ Executive Director

Stephanie wants young mothers to imagine the impossible and believe they, too, possess the inherent ability to achieve it.

Altrea Manns

Administrative Coordinator

Altrea studied Business Management and Leadership with a minor concentration in Human Resources at Pfeiffer University in Charlotte, NC. Certified as a Mastermind Facilitator and Coach. Owner and Creative Director of F.T.L.O Enterprises and Witness My Greatness. She is an advocate for volunteering, and community engagement. This is displayed through her
passion for non-profits, start-ups, volunteering, serving families, her community, and being a mother to her 4 sons.

Aleya Willis

Parent Educator / Case Management coordinator

Aleya Willis is the founder of Nurturing Development a child development consultant agency which assists parents and educators in their pursuit to provide developmentally appropriate childhood and adolescent support. Through Nurturing Development, Aleya provides tools for holistic child development by addressing the physical, spiritual, cognitive, and socioemotional development. When Aleya is not involved with Nurturing Development, she works as an Elementary School Counselor where she works one on one and in groups with students and parents.
Aleya received her B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Oakwood University in 2011 and her M.A. in School Counseling from Andrews University in 2016. She enjoys the company of her husband and their four sons, reading, exercising and experiencing new foods and cultures.