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Programs & Services

AAOEC recognizes that we all can benefit from various life skills. Our list of topics is continuously evolving as it all depends on our member’s needs.
We present these topics in various ways. Some may be in the form of speakers, and others offered as a sequence of classes with the opportunity to present and apply what you’ve learned.

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Get Involved

Class topics include:

  • Parenting
  • Interpersonal Skills Building
  • Health (Mental, Emotional, Physical
  • Sexual Awareness & Responsibility
  • Financial Literacy

Case Management

Each member of the AAOEC program receives an individual service plan based on their strengths, needs, interest and capabilities to ensure they  have what is needed at the end of the program to be self-sufficient and function independently of formal service intervention.

Systems of Care

AAOEC partners with community based agencies and coordinates the delivery of services from each independent provider to ensure participants are provided an array of services and a graduated continuum of care.

AAOEC Scholar Program

AAOEC is committed to empowering young mothers to achieve college and professional success and economic stability. We do this through our Scholar Program.

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